Energy Efficient Blinds by Reflective Blinds


Maximise comfort and productivity in the Residential, Transport and in commercial buildings with Reflective Blinds® solutions. Glare and other optical distractions will be greatly reduced, providing a great ambience for computers and other displays to be used effectively.

Fire Ratings available in the full current range of films in 2003 using AS/NZS 3837:1998. Tested by CSIRO and given an average specific extinction area significantly less than the required 250m²/Kg. Refer to specification C1.10a section 3(c) of the Building Code of Australia.

Rated Group 1 means that they are suitable for use in all areas of the following classes of buildings both sprinklered and non sprinklered:

–  Class 2 & 3: Sole occupancy units

–  Class 3 or 9a: Accommodation for the aged, people with disabilities, children & health care

–  Class 5: Buildings, open plan offices with minimum floor dimension/ceiling to ceiling height ratio >5

–  Class 6: Buildings , shops or other with a minimum floor dimension/floor to ceiling height ratio >5

–  Class 7, 8, or 9b: Schools & classrooms

–  Class 9b: Other than schools: theatres and halls, etc, auditoriums

–  Class 9c: Aged care buildings, resident use areas

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Depending on your choice of solar film you can enjoy the benefits:

  • Energy rejection up to 83%
  • Cut reflectance up to 63%
  • Cut glare up to 97%
  • UV Reduction over 99%
  • Reduce heat loss up to 45%